How The Internet Of Things Is Going To Change The Way You Live

Episode 4: Why you need an internet fridge in your life

This week we explore the history of the internet of things. Asking when the first device got connected to the internet, why life is getting more like an episode of the Jetsons and looking ahead to how we might transfer our social identities online?

Guests in this week’s show include:

Kevin Ashton – Coined the Internet Of Things term

Roo Reynolds – Product manager in the UK’s Government Digital Service (and serial Tumblr)

Sandra Alzetta – VISA Europe Executive Director of the Product Enablement

Tom Cheesewright – Applied Futurist and Book Of The Future writer

Dan Burrus – Leading Futurist

Avril Murphy – Head of Sales Neato Robotics

Lionel Guichard Callin – Product Developer Nest

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